Evening on the River

Still a lot of work to do as far as detail models on the porch and ground but I thought I’d post to garner comments/crits/suggestions.
Thanks for looking,

Looks good! Although that little yellow light beside the door? It seems its not actually lighting anything kinda throwing the image off.

Thanks 7499275, It’s a sphere with an emissions shader inside a light bulb shaped thingy with a glass shader (I’ve also tried it with a transparent and translucent shader) and either way it doesn’t seem to want to do anything beyond glow a bit. Perhaps I just need to put an emissions shader on the bulb itself. At any rate, I thank you for taking the time to comment.

the contrast between the lighting on the houseand the river doesn’t look right. Also I think you need bumpmapping, and to change the lighting around. I can’t see many shadows so it makes it look a little bit boring, such as the railing on the entrance steps. The window is too brightly lit on the inside, too much contrast. In addition, it’s obvious a lamp is shining out the window onto the roof. Once you fix all that though I want to see what it looks like!

Good wooden textures.

Thanks all. Lighting is my bain. I’m thinking that maybe, as the moon light seems to be coming from the upper right hand that some sort of a light from there may cast the shadows on the porch. I have to loose the porch light also, just can’t hit it right, I’d rather have it “burnt out”.
Every thing is bumpmaped, perhaps it needs to be a bit stronger though.

Quick update. Found shadows, turned off light and lowered power to the light in the house.
Thanks for the help all,

definite improvement in the newer scene. my observation is that almost all of the house materials are the same value range - looks like about 40% to 60% on the light/dark scale. including more lighter materials and darker materials would liven up the scene. imo.

Most of the light comes from the river, but the dim background seems to contradict that. Also, I don’t think lightbulbs remain that yellow after being turned off.

Some lighting adjustments, a few props added. May be it for now as I (as I often do) grow bored of it. May look at it again in the future unless any one has some good ideas for it.
Thanks for the help to this point.