this is my latest project.

Rendered in blender internal, two lightsources One lamp and one Arealamp.
Rendertime: 10 min

Highres: http://features.cgsociety.org/gallerycrits/210413/210413_1159434859_large.jpg

hope you like it.

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Nice image and great lighting!
It looks convincing even without radiosity, excellent work!

Be well

Yeah, very nice, I like the warm light–it makes me happy. are the palm leaves a texture/alpha matte or are they modeled?

reywillow: Thank you :slight_smile: glad you liked it.

san_diego_james: thanks, the palm is modelled :slight_smile:

Very good use of light and shadows, It has a very warm feeling about it.

Yeah, when you see that picture it has a fun, warm, cosy scense about it.

The colours are great + the lighting also.

Enriq766: thank you :slight_smile:

Cuby: Thanks man.

Looks great!

Good looking! I dig the plant! How did you do that btw?


ReaphSharc: thank you.

The M.h.p.e.: thank you, I modelled the plant from skratch started out from a cube to make the trunk for it and the the leaves were made out of planes.
if you want a more detailed version of how I made it, just pm me.

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You should give those poor plants a spray they seem dead already! Just a hint of spec on the leaves would make them leap out I think. I love the tiled floor, modelled or mapped? and the Daddo (is that right?) panells are very realistic, do they have a painted texture for grunge?

Lovely scene, I just want to relax with a newspaper there!

David Mcsween: hi, hmm maybe you’re right about the plant, will take that in mind. Thanks, the floor is modelled but you could have modelled it,rendered it and then mapped it, if you’d have in a movie or so but it works fine in this still image. Don’t know if Daddo is right… but it’ll do :slight_smile: the texture on the daddo panells are made with blendermaterials and so are the rest of the scene :slight_smile: the panells have several cloudtextures with col. and nor. on.

thanks for stopping by.

Another great relaxing image. or as said above…“Bliss”
The lighting is great and I love the furniture. They are so nice to look at with smooth flowing shapes and they do look confortable. The floor tiles are great too. Correct me if I’m wrong but are they modelled?
I also suppose you are only using blender materials and no image textures.

Edeehem: Thank you very much, glads me to hear that you liked my design :slight_smile:
Yes the floor is modelled and yes only blendermaterials where used to creat this scene.
thank you.