Evening's End

Hello All,

I’ve been blendering for about a year and a half or so, and though I’ve made a ton of things, I never thought any of them turned out good enough to post until now. So here’s my first foray into online posting! I call the scene Evening’s End because it reminds me of how I’d like to retire in the evenings: with a good book, a cigar, and a glass of scotch! C&C would be greatly appreciated as I need to know what I need to work on (it was modeled in blender, rendered in Yafray (of which I’m very new at) and I added the cigar smoke with photoshop because I couldn’t figure out how to make Yafray show blender particles). Hope you like it:


…and tutorial for realistic cigar smoke can be found from ________________

I do like it, though I have to point out the modelling of the book : papers look very thick, the scene need a bit more light.
But anyway the idea is very interesting and the begining is encouraging.

just keep it up . :slight_smile:

-the cigar smoke was created using photoshop, the tutorial can be found here:


-Thanks, ya the pages are too thick i couldnt seem to scale them down enough without making it look even weirder and indeed i do need to work on my lighting :x

One question to anyone, does the lack of integration of blender particles with Yafray mean that Yafray also won’t be able to render with any of the cool new hair/fur features? please say no…

no :smiley:

since the new hair is meshdata, yafray can actually render that

One lens of the glasses distorts the words behind it, but not the other. Found that kind of odd.
Very nicely modeled though.

Pretty good, but I want to point out that the left two pages are the same. You might want to consider changing the text on the second page.


Very nice. The cigar looks kinda wooden though. And what type of person reads latin for entertainment?

Sum Viagrum, deos eroticii…hehe