Evenly mesh n-gons

Hi all,

I am not a code guy. Would it be possible for someone to make an add-on so we can easily apply an evenly spaced mesh to n-gons? For instance if I want a 12" x 12" mesh applied to an n-gon. What I do as a work around is I export the n-gon to Form-Z and use Form-Z’s mesh tool.



You can have a workaround with BoolTool. Extrude the n-gon, add a plane, subdivide to your needs and extrude it on the z-axis for a minimum thickness. Then you can apply BoolTools Difference and there you are.

Here are some screenshots.

It is also possible to do this with the internal Intersect in Editmode. (destructive)
Extruded the n-gon outlines and cut it from a subdivide mesh.

Knife project:


But I have a good workaround. To mesh the n-gon in Form-Z takes one to two clicks and it is meshed. You click the edges to define the orientation of the grid. I would think this could be made to be done in Blender just as easy. But I am no developer so, I really have no idea. I just base that it can be because Form-Z can do it so nicely.

If you are knife projecting, make sure to zoom your 3d viewport as far in as possible or else you will get imprecise cuts – https://developer.blender.org/T43896