Evenly Spaces Vertices Along Path

Hi All,

Reset Blender
Add a path object to the scene.
I start control clicking to make my path.
As I add points, the little arrows on the path are different densities between the points. I know this will affect the speed of my object as it moves down this path.
Is there a way to select all points in the path and simply make them have the same speed/little black arrow density?:eek:

yes… you have to delete the ipos…open an ipo window with the path selected and delete the whole curve (select all with a) the in the buttons window you can change speed with path len


That does not actually fix my problem.
When I select the path and open an IPO window there is no curve in the window because no keyframes have been set.

Adjusting the pathlen has no effect on the densitiy of little black arrows in my path.

PS:Chirpsalot, you tricked me and have eaten my brain!:evilgrin::evilgrin:

PPS: I did not have the IPO type set to path. Yes, I see the speed IPO and I deleted it. It still did not change the density of my little black arrows, but it seems to make my cube travel at a constant speed when I remove the speed IPO.