Event Handlers (2.58a)

I’m rather excited to see event handlers are a thing. It just so happened that I wanted to start a project I’ve been putting off for a few years. Tonight! But alas, it’s not coming without some speed bumps.

Here’s what i concluded from taking a whack in the console.

>>> bpy.app.handlers
bpy.app.handlers(render_pre=[], render_post=[], load_pre=[], load_post=[], save_pre=[], save_post=[])

That’s it? Only handlers for render, load, and save? That’s kinda lame…

There are lots of functions for setting or reading values…
…but not one for catching a value changed as an event? I find it hard to believe. Is “load” and “save” really that literal?

I’m still exploring my options. I looked in to python threading already without much success.

you could add a modal timer and add your own value tests in it.

Hi bmud,

Take a look at this tweet by Dalai Felinto: http://twitter.com/#!/dfelinto/status/82931573074309121

It’s the closest I know of to what you are asking.

That. Is. Incredible. Thank you!

render_pre=[], render_post=[], load_pre=[], load_post=[], save_pre=[], save_post=[]

Just an FYI. The link jedihe posted has nothing to do with render or frame change events. It is the addition of a callback when a property value is changed in a panel.