<!> event has invalid window

Hi Guys,

I recently started checking the Blender console as a way of troubleshooting Blender, a great interface tool very rarely mentioned; I found no errors in general, but I was surprised that on closing the User’s Preferences the console throws a cryptic message that I guess is a warning: <!> event has invalid window. I can reproduce this consistently: on closing the User’s preferences the console invariably prints the warning (see screenshot).

This does not appear to affect any other functionality of Blender, but I am just curious; does anybody know the cause of this or, even better, a solution?. I am testing on Blender 2.74 (official release), Windows 7 64 bits 12 GB RAM Intel Core 3.4 Ghz. with a AMD Radeon HD 7770.

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance to everyone out there.

Anybody out there?

I’m not getting the same on Linux, perhaps it’s something Windows-specific? If I had to guess, it means some input event (mouse motion, etc.) gets scheduled to the preferences window after it was already destroyed. I wouldn’t worry about it.
Looking at the code, there are comments suggesting it should be investigated, but that’s about it (source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_window.c).

else if (!GHOST_ValidWindow(g_system, ghostwin)) {
    /* XXX - should be checked, why are we getting an event here, and */
    /* what is it? */
    puts("&lt;!&gt; event has invalid window");
    return 1;

Stan, thanks for the heads up; you are right: this is by no means a real problem, in fact it isn’t even an error, but a warning; I am glad to see from your response that somebody else also wondered about it; do you have any idea what is the IF of that ELSE?

I’ll keep an eye open for news on this issue.

Looks to be some sanity checking going on there, here’s the direct link to that file: https://git.blender.org/gitweb/gitweb.cgi/blender.git/blob/HEAD:/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_window.c

Thanks for the link. I guess I can call this issue solved.