Event Horizon

this is a mechwarrior type game. this what i have so far and tell me what you think of it.
ill post the files soon.

here is the executable. (2,951 KB)

here is the level 1 enviroment. (2,905 KB)

what exectly is the picture?

it is the top part of the mech unit. and there is a moon. my internet is screwy that is why it took me a while. ill post the .blend i a minute.

here is the . blend so far 1.77 MB

these are the latest screen shots

i would realy appreciate feed back

it doesnt seem to work correctly, i downloaded the .blend, the arms dont move with the body, you cant go forward or backward, and when i hold spacebar, the white cylider slowly moves behind me…hmm…robot looks cool though

yeah i just wanted it on the weapons Right Shift, Enter and mech and viewports Pad7 Pad9. and what i should add.

definatley add walking, and the rocket sound only would work once when i pushed right shift

but i need a walk cycle script or tutorial or something.

heres a walk cycle http://www.blending-online.co.uk/8501/8528.html

did you see the enviroment for level 1

this is the enviroment for level 1 so far.

so far the mech and hud poly count is VE:1400 Fa:1512
the level 1 enviroment is ve:1056 Fa:836

i have modifed the enviroment so here are some screens.
any suggestions on what to improve would be greatly appreciated.

836 faces, looking at the environment it doesn’t look like it should be that many faces, can you show us a wireframe of the environment?.

if you look at the top it will show poly count for this so far. the building i need to edit i know. but what is the 200 M thing?

The building could lose quite a few polys, seperate the top of the building from the rest of the mesh and delete edge loops by selecting one at a time with alt shift and then click x and select edge loops. Then UV map the textures onto the merged faces.

The road could stand to lose a few polys as well. Just make it 3 quads then make road textures for the end and roadway and UVmap onto the proper faces.