Event Horizon

The game Event Horizon is not going to be released on time sadly due to people on here.
same thing happened with Elysium the game by plantperson. saying they were going to contribute and help make it but they didnt. the only people who helped and actually gave me a file were a_roldan, blendenzo, and mindwarp.

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sorry that i couldnt help more ive been a little busy lately:D

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its a shame that people who said they were going to never did, but I dont think you needed to make a thread just to say you werent working on a current project anymore

Err… Sorry about not getting the improved mech walk cycle to you. I couldn’t get it to look right at all. Sorry about that…

I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but… you can’t expect anything from anyone. Most of these guys probably do this for fun and on their spare time. I noticed you said the game won’t be released on time. Well… the thing about collaborative group projects is that not everyone will be able to work at your time schedule. Just give them time if they still want to contribute and hopefully in the end everything can be put together.

My advice is, if you want a game done by a certain deadline and you’re not in constant contact either in person or online with the person in realtime most of the week, just do it by yourself and you can get it done at the pace you want to.

Jason Lin

i was just saying it wasnt going to be released on time and why. i especially needed that low poly character or the first version.:rolleyes: now itll probably be done between july and january of 08.:no: i would at least like to have an email saying they cant do it.

These delays and such are exactly the fate of many collaborative independent game projects over the years, without a centralized plan and roadmap in place projects will often fall apart. Sometimes they do have that and they fall apart anyway. This also applies to open source projects in general as even Blender has had features that had been worked on but didn’t make it in.

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OOPs already posted this.:o

I gotta tell you, the name “Event Horizon” is brilliant. It’s the point of a black hole in which nothing can escape, including light. I sure wish I thought of it.

thanks it was suppose to mean that.

hm… i’m kinda new to bge, but doing a game myself, but if there is anything i can help you with (and I will always give you a sound if i can’t do it), then let me know on [email protected], would really like to help with a real game. Going to check out the link now :wink: