Hello Blender Artists,

This is Eva as codename Everflame made with Blender 3.5 Eevee.

Eva as her code name Everflame is a Cyber Fighter from China that was built by a crazy scientist inside a High Tech Sci Fi basement called sector V.
She was created to join the most famous game-fighting tournament in the World that it’s held every 5 years, each fighter can have different classes and power but Everflame has something unique and she will only show it when the real fight Begins!

Inside Blender


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much @bartv for the feature, Enjoy your day!

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how you pump out these models so fast

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Learn the fundamental and learn how to use addons of Blender such as hardops, box cutter, ran tools.
Evexpress, Quadremesher, machine tool, Mesh machine, autorigpro, Prosky, Photographer, faceit, Gob and many.

The power and speed that blender can provide especially when it’s combined with add-on make blender a fast beast productive tool.

All the best,


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And the models themselves, is that all done by you or do you need de a software to make them

Software is only tool like making Lego, I enjoy making Tripe-A character production for my clients around the World.

Any other questions ?