I have an idea:
an everlasting race/rally game…
look at this:

a random piece of track will spawn at the empty of the track if you drive through the spawn wall. I’m thinking about 6 different pieces of track.
Unfortunaly, I don’t know python. Is there a programmer that likes this idea and would like to help me with the random track spawn script?



Hey cool!

A race that builds itself as you drive it.

Allow me to ponder for a while if this is possible.

EDIT: Definitely possible. Let me see what I can cook up.

PS: This is my four-hundred and fourty-fourth post!

Nifty idea:yes:
I think this might be possible, although I don’t know how to translate it into logic. I’ve elaborated it a bit to show roughly how I think it could be done though, here’s a link:)
It would involve heavy use of the add object and end object bricks though, and you’d definitely need to use Python for the messages or it could get insanely complicated - plus it needs a random track piece selector.

yes, your pdf file shows my idea.

now I need somebody that can make the python script that chooses one of the 6 (or more) track pieces. :slight_smile:

Getting a random seed is actually pretty simple in Blender. The code below works for up to 100 tracks. Change the 100 to 1000 and it works for up to a thousand. And so on

# number of tracks
numTracks = 6

# choose track at random 
seed = int((GameLogic.getRandomFloat() * 100) % numTracks)

if seed == 0:
    track = "Track1"

if seed == 1:
    track = "Track2"
if seed == 2:
    track = "Track3"

if seed == 3:
    track = "Track4"
if seed == 4:
    track = "Track5"

if seed == 5:
    track = "Track6"

I would like to see such a project completed if the track was dynamic, scenic, the objects around it were placed by an algorithm, there’s a good variety of elevation and turns ect…

Placing sections one after another is one thing, it’s another thing to make it look really good.

i can’t do this on my own, so if there are enough people that like this idea and would like to help, why not make it a community project or something like that?

here is a screenshot of some basic track pieces:
(2x the straight piece, so the game hasn’t got to much bends)


import random

the problem with making an infinitely generated racing game, is that in a race one generally is trying to get somewhere in a certain amount of time. This sort of thing might work better for:
-a dungeon crawler (think Diablo or Rogue- randomly generated dungeons)

  • side scrolling shooter or platformer (less so for the platformer, since it’d be lacking in coherent puzzles and such)
    -a top view shooter (think Raptor)
    -that game where you guide a missile through a cave, with only one button

other than that, I like the idea. If I do anything beneficial to this, I’ll be back.

[edit] actually, in a randomly generated racer, the goal could be to either pass a certain amount of track sections in as little time as possible, or to get through as many tiles as possible within a time limit rather than to get TO a place.

[edit] actually, in a randomly generated racer, the goal could be to either pass a certain amount of track sections in as little time as possible, or to get through as many tiles as possible within a time limit rather than to get TO a place.

I was thinking about something like that… :yes:

I am working on a script which does everything needed to add a track with just one script and one add object actuator. I am having trouble reading the rotation of the spawn object to set the relative position of the next track piece (don’t ask).

When finished, my track generator will be able to add track pieces of any length and angle of rotation, even slopes.

Then you can make your game. :slight_smile:

PS: I have a random-ness algorithm which can choose certain objects more frequently than others. So you can have more straights than turns, for instance. If you think that is a good idea, then I could adapt it from Falling Eggs (what I made it for).

PPS: BTW this is a really cool idea. I would like to help you carry this game to completion.

thank you!
really, thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping that someone would like this idea and help me complete this game.

I asume all the track pieces should have their object center at the same place (that will be at the empty, right? )

How about a timer that begins upon start, this way the game will be about staying on track for as long as possible…

I’m going on holiday now, so i wont be posting for two weeks…
so don’t think i’ve stopped with this projects… :wink:



Okay, the script is going great, but I ran into a problem with Bullet.

Please view this page: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?p=896941

There are three solutions, each with drawbacks:

  1. Use Sumo physics instead of Bullet. Trouble is, Sumo has crashing bugs sometimes.

  2. Use the subversion erwin made. Trouble is, the fix has brought about other bugs in Bullet.

  3. Wait until 2.45. Trouble is, there’s no telling how long we would have to wait. I suppose we could hope that it is released at the end of your holiday.

I will be putting this project on the back burner until you return from your holiday.

I spotted new Blender build (at least vehicle wheel rotation bug seems to be fixed).

Alternatively, Captain Oblivion, the player could chase something, or has to survive for so many minute racing along a track littered with mines… there are many ways to create an infinite racing game. This even could be used on a regular track. With the road sections behind the player being deleted, there would some extra polys left for creating a highly detailed car.

The racing box is quite small. Let’s keep thinking outside it.

Hi everyone!

I’m back from holiday…

I’m reading about the problem you’ve encountered, and I realized that i had the same problem about a year ago (one of those early ragdoll-launch games, i made it so you could make it more difficult by spawning some more obstacles…, but the ragdoll didn’t colided with these new obstacles… )

Let’s hope that project abricot improve the game engine…

reading blender.org wow… a RC 2.45! than it probably won’t take long for the full version to be released…

@B13nd3r 633k
hehe, mines… great idea :stuck_out_tongue:

You could always make it a point/level/number of track game.