Every bone is linked

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to blender animation and have only done a couple of animations, mainly gun reloads. I know the basics but I have encountered a problem.
I had just finished positioning all the fingers/arms and was making bones for all the movable gun parts. When I was done I realized that all of the bones were linked somehow, if I selected a bone all the bones would be selected and if I deleted a bone all the bones were removed, and so on. I’ve tried searching it up but it is always hard to specify and find the video just right for you.
I guess I just messed up somehow and hope that it’s fairly easy to fix.

I’m using Hyper’s rig and the gun model is from CS:GO.

Recorded a video but can’t upload it because I’m a new user so here is a screenshot of what happens when I select one bone instead:

You are in Object Mode… That is normal…to select an individual Bone…go to Pose Mode.



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