Every face of a cube with different color?

How can I change the color of one face in an object? For example, I would like to create a cube with different color on every side. How?


well, Blender basics!!!
You must make a multi-material
Select the desired face/vertices, in the Edit buttons window press the New
button, now you have 1 Mat: 1 above, press Assign, go to the material
window and give/create a colour/material/texture to this 1 Mat 1 item
Select other face/ vertices and bla bla bla…

Uuups just wanted to say the same

I’m sure there is a tutorial in the tutorial section of this forum.

Nevertheless a short description.

In Edit Buttons there are left of the middle a block of buttons for just doing this.

By default there should be [“a color” ] [1 Matt: 1] [?] and buttons below.
If you have assigned a material to your object the material’s name should appear above.

Now in Edit mode press [new] button and you’ll get [“a color”][2 Matt: 2][?]
Now in material buttons make this material single user and change its color and or other settings.
Back in edit buttons select the desired face or faces and press [Assign]

Having a cube you repat this for the other four faces.

Alternativaly you could use UV mapping but thats a different matter.
Links to tutorials for UV mapping are in the tutorial section too.

Thank you very much.

ah, blender noob here and my first post on the elysiun boards.

this post was very useful for me. thanks!

i couldn’t find it anywhere in the tutorials… mebbe i’m gettin old and blind :slight_smile:

Well, multiple materials is one way to do it.

You could also vertex colour each of the faces in paint mode.

Or UV map a cube texture.

Check out the knowledge base and online tutorials to learn how to do that sort of thing.

okay :slight_smile: