"Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

I’ve been working on this for a little over a week or two, and I’m happy with how it turned out.


Say what you want, but I probably won’t be changing anything.

like the idea, like the most of the modeling, hate the textures.

this should be in the works in progress cause you have some work still left with textures and materials!

keep it up! :wink:

Say what you want, but I probably won’t be changing anything.

OK, the blood doesn’t look like it, the rose looks made of plastic and the floor seems too small :wink:

Yeah, I noticed that the blood wasn’t too good, but that was the best of many attempts. I may redo it, and possibly the rose shaders, but I’m not promising anything.

blood looks too dark to be in liquid form, rose looks plastic, and the leaves look like thick paper, otherwise it’s pretty nice.

everyting here is plastic. Work on the lights a little bit. You should also improve framing - the rose is too far to the right.

alittle off center is artistic license but you’re right it’s too far!

i like it, cept the blood doesnt look like blood…

Yeah, to figure out how the blood would look I stabbed myself with a safety pin, and when they blood pooled it was dark, but I forgot to spread it around to see how it would look.

So, tomorrow, or Sunday, or Monday, the shader’s’ll be better…

dude, you got issues to do something like that! that is plane freeky! use some blood left over from the tbones you just had or something but to prick yourself just for the sake of a reference that doesn’t really make for a good one… :o

I dont think a pin prick will do any harm as long as its a clean needle i’ve signed on of my art alevel pices in blood before now.

Yes I think there’s too much blood in one pool … There should be blood scatttered… where’s the body ?

I didn’t realise that was suposed to be blood

Nice work. I’d work more on the lighting and materials though. Right now it looks more like a plastic or metal rose. Also the blood needs more work, right now it looks like juice, not even wine.


Like everyone else, I’d like to see more detailed textures. I really dig the modeling though. Nice job