Every single texture tutorial... Failure :(

Hey guys,

I’m really… Really… Quite stuck. I’ve spent the last… 3 hours now? Trying to do one simple bloody thing… I’ve been following all of these tutorials, I found one here “16 simple steps to UV texturing” or something. I followed the one on blender.org - I’ve followed another 10 or so here and there.

Each time, I get to the end, hit F12 expectantly… And… I’m looking at a grey model.


Ummm… All my model is, is something I’ve imported from MakeHuman, and then subsurfed it… If that helps at all?

Honestly, I’m at my wit’s end :spin:

Any help… At all… Would really, really be appreciated, thanks

Sounds to me like there is some setting that’s not checked or some other inane detail. Could you post the file?

in the materials settings, click texFace.

I clicked texFace, nothing.

The .blend file is attached here http://www.2shared.com/file/7502812/ed8d5944/Person.html, this is followed from some tutorial or another… Ignore the picture, it’s a temporary one - just clicked for any I could find :confused:

Okay, I’m gonna re-post this… It said my post had to be moderated, even though my last one didn’t - which is weird, so just checking my post is getting through at all… If this is getting moderated - ignore this. So anyway, clicking texFace does nothing. :frowning: Here’s the BLEND: http://www.2shared.com/file/7508677/ae9ec723/Person.html

(I’m beginning to feel like a spammer, sorry) Okay - guys. Sorry to have wasted this post, but I was talking to someone on #blenderchat (LOD, I think) - and he helped me out. Apparently, when I imported my OBJ - it created a second material, and this then… Did… Something, I don’t really understand. But I deleted all the materials and re-did it, and it was working again :slight_smile: Hoping this will help anyone else in the situation (or maybe I’m the only one who missed the OBJ making a new material… :S) EDIT: Apparently my other posts were delayed because they had links in, and I imagine linked-posts have to be moderated. So note to moderator, ignore those posts now :slight_smile: