Every Triangle is separated in UV map When importing Obj file

Ey guys. i was doing some painting exercises. i found a Jet model on internet, in OBJ format. i downloaded it and imported the model to Blender, File -> Import -> obj.
The problem is that Every single triangle is separated in the UV map and that is a problem becouse i cannot generate Ambient oclussion or other maps correctly. i tried using seams but it didnt helped. What should i do?

Here a Picture:

Option 1 - live with the existing UV map
Option 2 - Unwrap it yourself to a more desirable layout
Option 3 - Get someone else to unwrap it to a more desirable layout
Option 4 - Download another model with a more desirable layout

Ey Richard, Yeah…
1- I cannot live with this UV map couse i cannot generate AO or other maps from this Uv, if you see the maps generated from this models, all is a mess, so the idea is to solve the problem.
(I know the Unwrapping procces, i do it all the time with my own models),but, How should i exactly Unrwap it myself to solve the problem? i tried marking seams to separate parts of the model, and then unwrapping but the problem is that every triangle acts like a separate mesh, i cannot figure out how to “weld” those triangles back like in any normal model :frowning:

Since my english is not pretty fluid my Google search words are very limited xD but i tried :frowning:

For example, Here one of the maps i told you, AO:

First thing to do is go back to basics, go and physically look at your mesh.
Are the faces all separated from each other ?
If so then that’s why they may separated in the UVs. If so you will need to merge all overlapping vertices, select all vertices and W / remove doubles

:smiley: YEAHHHH!! i dont know why i didnt figured this out before! i am so dumb… look at this:
Now i can better work on the UV unwrap procces, :smiley: damn i am so excited xD look this:
THANK YOU RICHARD, you saved my day of painting!
I believe this is a normal problem with OBJ format maybe, it happened to me before. i dont believe the original modeler exported all with doubles.