'Everyone Else is Doing it!' or 'My Room'

Most of the stuff I do is game related, so low poly and only realistic to a point, so I thought I’d do a cliche.

But I need a bit of help with a couple of things (both highlighted). I can’t light the desk tidy properly on the right, and can’t get rid of the flat faces on the left (have tried smooth/autosmooth). Ideas please…

I have just started using it…but are you using Ambient Occlusion? It allows you to light your room with a better result and less lamps.

Keep it up man.

In Edit Mode, select all and hit the Set Smooth button in the Links and Materials panel in the Editing (F9) menu.
Set Smooth is a different function than Smooth or AutoSmooth…

Nice start, though the scene is too dark for me to see the surface you are referring to in the lower right…

I’ve tried that, if I select all then the supposedly flat edges ‘curve’, and with selective smoothing I get artifacts at the joints between smooth and flat faces. (yes, all the normals are correct)

That was the point, but I think I’ve got that sorted now.

for d lighting… maybe u must try render with ambient occlusion… but little bit longer time render