Everyone should read this.

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I found a very interesting article about copright and intellectual property.


Obviously, just because it’s written down in an article doesn’t mean that it’s “right”. But it is quite thought provoking.

Perhaps some discussion could be started about this (especially as related to software piracy)?

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how aboout we beat a dead horse instead?

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how aboout we beat a dead horse instead?[/quote]

As long as you provide the dead horse

Or it was figuratively? :wink:


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how about we beat skywriter instead?

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Let’s change that to penguin instead.

Literally, of course! My treat!

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Did any of you actually read the article? I realze that software piracy is talked about a lot, but there are several things in the article that I hadn’t heard before.

Also, you might notice that I said “Perhaps some discussion could be started about this (especially as related to software piracy)?”. I did not say “Let’s discuss software piracy.”
In other words, I’d like to start discussion about the points made in the article, especially as related to (but not restricted to) software piracy.

Please read the article before you post any replies to this thread.

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it sounds to boring

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Let me at the horse! or the pingu but I draw the line at fellow Blender users

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…unless, you know, they’re into that sort of thing.

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I would like to see someone take a swing at the penguine… you think the little window thing will help you?

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Don´t touch that poor little penguin. I am a fan of PenPen and all his brothers.


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I read the article, and it was quite interesting. Thanks for the link.

What the article seems to be suggesting is that because of legislative screw-ups like the DMCA and the NET act, our culture is putting far too much emphasis on the aspect of copyright that deals with money.

Interestingly, I started out disagreeing with the article, but as I worked my way toward the end, I found myself in agreement. I never had the impression that it dealt with piracy, per se, but focused more on the idea that common freedoms we’ve associated with the constitution (like fair use), are being subverted or eliminated by these new laws.

As for copyrights and compensation, I have no problem with the idea that copyright owners should be compensated (even though the article states that this is a misconception) for the value that their work provides. I do have a problem, however, with the ever-tightening stranglehold that copyright holders have on their material. On one hand, they want to treat is as thought it’s a consumable resource, but on the other, they don’t give US the freedom to treat it as such. If I purchase a pile of bricks, I can do anything I please with them. I can put them in the living room, or stack them in a pile outside my house. I can paint them, or smash them to bits and use them an ingredient in some other process. I can time or space shift as I see fit.

Copyright holders (in particular, large corporate copyright holders) are attempting to turn this into a one-way process. They want all of the benefits (a steady cash flow) associated with a consumable resource but none of the freedom of choice that goes with it.