Everyones favorite...STAR WARS!!!!

Ok when episode 3 came out and I saw some of those AWESOME cgi designs I new I had to try to make something out of blender. So I decided to make a Venator Class Cruiser. This took me a while partially because I was lazy and partialy because I put a lot of work into it. Anyway here it is. C&c really wanted! If you want some different views of the ship just says so.


Well, its kinda lacking in details but it looks alright nonetheless. You might want to consider working on this more and get it really good because your overall design isn’t bad. Anyway, just do what you want. It isn’t bad.

Renders are very small and too close to the model. I’d like to be able to see the whole thing at once, and in a larger size.

The detail is very basic and plain, which I don’t really like :expressionless:

Here is a farther away shot.