Everyone's Internet Speeds?

Hello All,

I don’t think there is a thread on this yet so I will go ahead, and start one! :stuck_out_tongue:

What I am asking of the BlenderArtist community is that you all post your internet speed results from www.speedtest.net

My Fastest Speed (On laptop)

My Slowest Speed (On Laptop)

There was one a few years ago that was bumped and subsequently locked recently:

You can see my results on the last page, heh


Cox actually has a technology called Powerboost which speeds up your downloads, but it only kicks in on large downloads (their little download test doesn’t count as a large file)

It’d probably why my download speed is nearly three times slower, but my upload speed is 5 and half times faster than your connection.

EDIT: Tested again, got an improved download result and a slightly improved upload result.

AFAIK every ISP has this. It’s called throttling, and they’re just doing it backwards :eyebrowlift:


Thanks for all the replies guys!

My home computer gets about 25Mb’s

But, I’ve got a question is there any reason why upload speed is really slow? Is there like something that would slow it down that badly?

Also, read this link hahaha 40 gigabyte internet speed in a home!!! :smiley:


What Wilmington has fiber? That’s some massive throughput you have there. Upload seems abnormally slow.

Here are mine (Howdy neighbor!)…


Yea I was kinda disappointed with our upload speed, but I was greatly happy with the download speed. :smiley:

ALSO, HEY NEIGHBOR!! Hahaha I just moved to North Carolina. But, in Tennessee i haad like .26 Mb’s a second lolz. .


lolz I don’t know if this is good, or not but the closest one to me was in washington, DC 350 miles away :PP


Comparable to mine. It’s an “A” so I suppose that is good.


Here’s the speed of the internet at school :yes:


Good lord! That’s fast. . It makes me wonder if 75Mb/s is 4.2 was is 5.0??? lolz



Oh… shit…


I know… it’s crazy. I want to see what a dial-up connection would get lol



4 km to far from high speed internet.:mad:

Oh man that sucks. That would kill me!! :eek:



my dad may have been surfing the web at that moment, though.

the best i’ve ever seen is 8ms ping, and 3.5 Mb/s each way.
it’s way better than a friend of ours, though. their isp caps it to a certain amount per day, and the amount is pretty small. (not sure exactly what amount)

the really interesting thing is that another friend of mine also is on roadstar, and they get limited to 1Mb/s, while we don’t. (we used to, though. not sure why it changed)



the internet here at work is so slow it makes me cry.:spin:

56 K Dial Up. Nuff Said.

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