Everything Disappeared

Okay, I’d say I’m fairly experienced with Blender, but something’s happening that I haven’t encountered before.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact pattern here, but I think it was when I pressed (or attempted to press) SHIFT-C when my 3D screen goes completely blank; no objects, no grid, no cursor; nothing.

This has happened a few times before – only on this file so far – and I can never figure out how (although only partially) I fix it: last time, I think it was when I pressed “Reset Zoom” that everything, except my camera that I eventually had to replace because I couldn’t retrieve it, came back, but that’s not working this time.


When you press shift+ c blender centers view to all objects in your scene. And since you lost your camera… 90 % certain that you have placed your camera far away by mistakeand blender tried to show all objects camera had to zoom so far away that it started to clip everything out. Use outliner to delete all your cameras and press shift + c again Or go to view properties and increase clipping border until you see something

A few other things - make sure that you are looking at a populated layer and try hitting the home key (never works for me, sigh) and last select something in the outliner and then hit numpad ‘.’ to take you to it. After this, if you don’t see anything its because you hid it (waaayyy to many ways to hide things in blender imho)

Okay, I got it all back, but in one of my objects, if I try to move vertices, the vertices will disappear and the coordinates at the bottom will all read “-1.#IND