Everything is backwards - Any ideas what may be wrong?

I am trying to start a new model. I have split the 3D View into to windows. On the left I want to put a background image of the Right side of my model. On the right I want to put a background image of the Front side. So for the left window I press the Numpad - 3 for Right Ortho and in the right window I press Numpad - 1 for the Front Ortho.

Here’s the problem, when I add an object starting in the left window everything in the right window is backwards. I tried setting up everything the opposite way and the outcome is still the same. I tried clearing the rotation of the starting object with no effect. Does anyone know why it is that way and how I might be able to fix it? Its quite aggravating. I started a model this morning and had worked on it for almost 20 minutes before I realized what was happening. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

I wasn’t sure if this should be a modeling question or an interface question so I put it here thinking its more of an interface problem. I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this question.

why don’t you use 4 windows see pic

check the global axis of the widget

on left top --> top view
o nlelft bottom the front veiw

on the right top the 3D viewport
and right bottopm the right side

see pic

hope it helps

Thanks for the reply. I don’t really need a top view for what I’m doing and usually if I use 3 windows the 3rd window is setup for the Camera Viewport. The Global Axis is right in both viewports. Only thing I can come up with is either changing the Front Viewport to the Back View or the Right Viewport to the Left View and or mirroring the image horizontally that I’m using for my profile. I also tried rotating the object but that still didn’t fix the problem. For now I just mirrored the image horizontally in the Right Viewport. I would still like to know why it is that the object no matter what is backwards even after trying to rotate it.

sorry don’t understand your problem

can you upload file so can have a look at it ?


Here is a .blend file that demonstrates what I’m talking about. On the left in the Right Ortho Viewport is the default cube which is going to be my models foot. I have moved the vertices down to start molding the foot. On the right in the Front Viewport what should be the front of the foot is located in the back. Rotating the object doesn’t help because it also changes rotation in the Right Ortho Viewport. As I stated before, the only thing I could come up with to fix the problem was to mirror my profile image in the right viewport so the model is facing left instead of right and model from there. It seems like if you were to use a right facing model to match the viewport then the front viewport would match as well.


foot_start.blend (127 KB)

may be it’s how you handle it
i prefer to work with 4 windoes instead of 2 easier to seewhat happen in 3D viewport and i can rotate it as i wish

also with the other ortho viewport it’s easier to select part in ortho mode

now you can work with only 2 but have to think a lot more where you are in 3D or on what plane your working

so i would suggest to work with 4 viewports
it’s a lot easier to see what’s happening

with only 2 view than you ahve to think a lot more on what your doing to get it done

but anyway it’s your choice

hope it helps


I don’t see anything wrong with your setup, except your model is facing the wrong way. The window on the left is showing the view from the right of your model. The window on the right is showing the view from the front of the model.

You may be getting confused by thinking the “right view” means that the camera is looking right. It isn’t. It is looking from the right, to the left. This is not as strange as it sounds. Think about the “front view”. The camera isn’t looking towards the front - it is at the front, looking towards the back.

However, if you want to look at your object from the back, press Shift-1. If you want to view your object from the left, press Shift-3.


I understand all of that but its not allowing me to use a right profile of my subject like it should. The only way to work with the viewports as is, is to mirror my reference image to where its facing left and I shouldn’t have to do that. That and use a Left Ortho which I should have to do either. If I’m using a right facing image in the Right Ortho viewport, then it should work in the Front Ortho as well. With the Left Facing reference image in a Right Ortho Viewport, I’m not modeling the Left side of the model which intuitively one would think is how it works, its making me model the Right side of the model. The Right side of a model that is Facing Left. If you have any doubts, try modeling a character with a Right facing profile. You will quickly see what I’m talking about. The only other way I know of making it work would be to change the Axis Orientation in the Front Ortho to work with the Right Ortho and vice versa. That’s something I don’t know how to fix and would like to know why the program is working the way that it is and or the way to fix it.

Below is a full example of what I’m talking about. Place all 3 files on your harddrive in a folder named Test then open the 000_example.blend. I apologize if the reference images were not supposed to be distributed without the authors permission or without being attached with the book they came from. This is what I’m trying to do.


000_example.blend (130 KB)


Just a quick message: The image you’ve attached shows a front view and a left view, not a right view - the camera is on the left.

The character is facing right and the default view is a Right Ortho. So its my understanding that given the image and Right Ortho, I should be modeling the right side of the character.


I’ll leave it up to you whether you want to work with the software, or against it. If it makes it easier for you, just press Shift-3 instead of 3.

It might help you to avoid confusion if you pay attention to the axes shown. They are always consistent and will allow you to understand which way is which, no matter how you decide to view your model.

Good luck with the model, I think it will look great once it’s done!

aThanks to everyone for their replies, help, and patience. After scratching my head, and staring at the screen before and hour I finally gave in to the masses and followed the advice given here. It is very, very, much appreciated. Below is what I have come up with so far. I’m really happy with the outcome so far. Of course this is still a Work In Progress and much has yet to be done. I’ll now move to the Work In Progress forum.