Everything is blurry in the viewport and when it's rendering

I rendered the scene. I used Denoising to remove noise. Everything was rendered clearly, then something happened. Now everything is blurry in the viewport and when it’s rendering.

This is result https://yadi.sk/i/ufifWoa0CjK_Jw
I know that this is in viewport, but it also don’t work in render.

I reset the settings to the factory settings, and then even deleted the folder with user information - nothing helped. Everything is blurry.

What i should do?

P.s changing the number of samples, nothing changes

Previously, it worked and did not blur the picture - it just removed the noise. And now he blurs. Without Denoising, everything is in noise. Added Denoising in the compositing tab, the situation is the same. Everything blurs, instead of removing the noise

https://yadi.sk/i/h9ykebOWOY671Q I made this render before with Denoising