Everything is very slow


I have been working on a female head for a week and making progress every day.

Yesterday somthing strange happen. every time I go from object mode to edit mode it take severel seconds before anything happen, same if I select a vertex and with G drag, it take few seconds before the vertex moving.

Do you know wath happen and how to solve the problem

Thanks in advance:confused:


Hi OnyX
Just a guess but perhaps your viiewport shading is set to Shaded or Textured. The small menu box next to the Mode menu. Hotkey Z, Alt Z, and Ctrl Z changes between these, viewing in textured, shaded, solid, wireframe or Bounding Box. When i have viewed in shaded and textured Mode it has slowed down my PC a lot because of the extra memory used i think. Changing back to solid view has sped it back up. Otherwise look back through your previously saved blends of this model to try to work out what happened and when.
Good luck great head model

Thank you for helping. i have try Z and Alt Z and many other things but still the same problem.

Here is the worktable, maybe you can find out. The vertex point lock very strange and jump twice every time I grab and move with G.


Natali .Portman.blend (316 KB)

The eyes have a lot of vertices, which causes the slowness when you have the subsurf modifier active. Make the eyes separate objects (select the vertices in the eyes and press ‘p’ then choose ‘selected’), and the problem disappears

Hi Morio,

Your advice work perfect.

Thank you