Everything nodes


(Gilles Charbonneau) #21

Will Blender give Houdini a run for its money? :wink:

(burnin) #22

Far from it.
Especially after UI gets to be pleasing for lazy modelers but handling node graphs and other stuff (UV, VSE, NLE…) gets more convoluted. Mixed half baked approach at its best, again. This is the Blender trade mark.

(sus_unn) #23

Is there anyone out there tried ‘Everything nodes’?

(Gilles Charbonneau) #24

I was joking here, but thanks for your reply, Houdini is da bomb, but I love Blender nonetheless! :slight_smile:

(m9105826) #25

Blender finally starts to catch up to where Softimage was a decade ago :wink:

But for real, if Softimage ICE isn’t strongly referenced as a design goal for this project it’ll be very upsetting. Even compared to modern Houdini, I’d still say it’s the most elegant design solution to ever exist relative to its complexity.

(kynu) #26

I really wanted to dig into ICE back in the days - it was so interesting. So yeah, let’s hope its spirit will reborn in BICE (sorry.) and now I can finally learn a system like it.

(cekuhnen) #27

Hey you are always welcome go leave and pay for Houdini when the new interface design you think is made for lazy modelers - what a ridiculous comment.

Try teaching Blender then you will see the disaster and inefficiencies of the 2.5 till 2.7 interface.
2.8 puts an end to many of those making navigation and work more efficient.

(Simon Storl-Schulke) #28

Whats the problem with the Node Graph? Can’t speak for Houdini but have you seen the slate material Editor in 3DS Max? Thats a disaster compared to what we already have with Blenders Nodes.

(Romanji) #29

Yeah whats the problem with Blender’s Node Graph?
And whats wrong with the Slate material Editor?
It looks fine, and it can’t be as bad as Cinema’s Xpresso…that thing is truly a hideous, dreadful disaster.
C4d easily takes the cake for the worst node editor in every 3D program.

(ambi) #30

I’m curious if they’re going to have any image processing. To be truly everything nodes, things like compositing (which is basically just image processing) should be part of it. It would also very simply bring Substance Designer like functionality to Blender.

It seems to me that what they are talking about is more object & mesh nodes. Do correct me if I’m wrong here.

(sus_unn) #31

(CarlG) #32

It’s missing a lot of nodes, nodes missing input/output sockets, missing some “core functionality” (imo), certain mapping transforms only available in image node, inability to create decent node groups (can’t expose and explain), to name a few. My function library is way bigger than it should have to be, and link/append issues make it a big pain to work with.

To me, better nodes in material editor is more important than everything nodes (especially since I don’t animate).

(Ace Dragon) #33

If everything nodes includes particles and modifiers as suggested, then it will be very useful for us who mainly do stills as well (materials are only one component, we still have to build the scene and there are many cases where we desire some VFX).

That’s not to mention that creating rigs are very useful for posing characters, creatures, and other models in a non-destructive way (even if you don’t do an actual animation).

(Thinking Polygons) #34

I like nodes, but sometimes I feel like they are a bit overrated.

(Thornydre) #35

For my part, the only thing I don’t find useful at all with nodal system is modeling, I think pretty much everything else is node compatible (particles, physics, rigging, logic, constraints)

(m9105826) #36

You don’t think being able to create mesh modifiers on the fly would be useful?

(m9105826) #37

One of the big things that I hope gets a lot of attention in this project is a good visual debugger for node trees. Something like Blueprints in UE4 has would be great. Once you start using nodes for actual programming, debugging becomes just as important as it is in any other programming language.

(anphung) #38

We can have (better) procedural modeling, better visualize modifiers

(Thornydre) #39

Yes of course modifiers could be great, I meant an entire modeling system, I don’t know if you ever tried to do modeling in Houdini, but it is not really good :confused: it is way more efficient in Blender like it is now I think :slight_smile:

(Michael W) #40

Nodes for modelling can be great… but the immediacy of destructive workflow is a thing of beauty! So nodes as an option will be nice for procedural workflows but sometimes you just want to model!