Everything nodes


(0o00o0oo) #62

Is Animation Nodes being ported over to 2.8 a part of the development process for Everything Nodes, not just a separate add-on development?

(dimitribastos) #63

I would like to know as well. Maybe at some point they will be merged?

(Thornydre) #64

I don’t really think so, I see Animation Nodes ported to Blender 2.8 as a temporary solution. Animation Nodes is still an add-on so developped in Python right (or Cython maybe) ? And Everything Node should by entirely in C, for better performance :slight_smile: Don’t know if this answer your questions. At least I hope Animation Nodes could be shipped with Blender 2.80 !

(xrg) #65

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that he’s taking his Animation nodes, porting them to C, and then expanding them to modifiers, particles, and physics (interactive mode).

(Hadriscus) #66

From what I understand, it’s so much more than just changing languages - right now his addon is based on what the python API allows him to access, however the goal is to integrate those systems within Blender, so that they’re more than just a “layer on top”, so to speak. Of course, that lame attempt at a dissection is really just a prompt for him to come by and talk about it in expert terms. :slight_smile:

(brecht) #67

Jacques is helping to get the Blender 2.8 Python API ready, and updating Animation Nodes is a great test for that and of course useful in general.

The everything nodes project to integrate similar functionality in Blender natively will happen later, this porting of the Animation Nodes is not strictly part of that.

(Pitiwazou) #68

Is there or would there be an article on what will do everything nodes?
Will it be juste like anymation nodes or will it be bigger to make something lie houdini, what is the goal for everything nodes?

(brecht) #69

The project is not defined in much detail at the moment. The way I expect this will work is that nodes will be added to one area (e.g. modifiers, particles, rigging, animation, …), and then it gets gradually extended over time to more areas based on what users find most important.

(Pitiwazou) #70

Ok, so for the first implementation, we will just have basic support for nodes.

Thx for the answer :wink:

(Romanji) #71

That’s actually a nice and logic order. Start with the smallest, get progressively more complex. I guess, procedural non-destructive modeling with nodes would be one of the more final goals since it needs a lot of complexity.

(drgci) #72

I don’t know why but for rigging and animation everything nodes it’s scary me a little bit

(Zinogg) #73

u can’t judge something when it’s not there yet, also it will take awhile before we can see anything usable…rigging/animation are a very important to upgrade to the level of what studios are using today, u can’t keep using a system from the 90s.

(sozap) #74

I think both workflow will still be available, because actual system is quite efficient as it is. But maybe once in while you may want to create some custom constraints , with nodes this can be quite handy and won’t require scripting.
And for animation of course, it’s the same, we can’t have a node-only system to do regular animation, but something similar to animation nodes is awesome for procedural animation.

(Joshua Smith) #75

I wonder if this would allow users to make custom modifiers or even tools

(Markus Mayer) #76

I have kind of an idea, what that could be like for modifiers. What do mean by custom tools. I don’t have a picture how that would look like.
Though it sounds interesting.

(m9105826) #77

Anyone confused about how Everything Nodes could look, I would suggest looking at old examples of ICE from Softimage and Houdini tutorials for more recent examples.

(Dodododorian96) #78

could everything node be used also for modeling ?
it could be amazing it the guys from svershok could work hand in hand with jaque luke !!!


yes “everything nodes” includes interactive mode, physics, modeling and particles. Probably a lot more than that, but its a very long term project.

(swathi) #81

If they work together I think it will be like BLENDER JUSTICE LEAGUE of NODE SYSTEM :grin::grin:

(dimitribastos) #83

Animation Nodes being ported to 2.8 is a good thing. But I wonder if it will be part of Everything Nodes, ou it will be a complete separated thing.