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(bkjernisted) #84

Will there be a node in your addon to create super glossy wood floors in 2.8 eevee? Does the addon presently have such a node for cycles? Thanks

(Simon Storl-Schulke) #85

Animation Nodes has nothing to do with Material setups for Eevee/Cycles.
You should be able to create glossy floors with Eevees Reflection Plane Probe just fine. Maybe ask in the Support -> Materials section

(Dimitar) #86

Definitely modifiers and particles.

From an architectural modeling perspective, I am thinking of something like Grasshopper for Rhino or RailClone for Max. Here is an good demo from RailClone for 3ds Max:

Imagining a combined particles system with modifiers and particles would blow Max/Forest Pack/RailClone out of the water

(captainkirk) #87

RailClone and ForestPack are the only things I miss from working in MAX. If iToo made versions for Blender I’d strongly consider buying them. Is it possible Everything Nodes could eventually have the same functionality and power as these plugins?

(Dimitar) #88

That’s what I am hoping for as Itoo is essentially modifier nodes with some of the functionality that animation nodes and Sverchok already offer :slight_smile:

(staughost) #89

Nondestructive weld modifier? Anyone?


if You mean nondestructive “remove doubles” - merge separate geometries in places with the same amount of vertices then i want it

(staughost) #91

Exactly that.

(m9105826) #92

Been asking for this for years. This would be a really big time saver.

(staughost) #93

One of the reasons blender is my second 3d app.

(Lumpengnom) #94

Why is a nondestructive weld so important? I had it in 3ds Max but never really used it.
A Full blown Edit Poly I can understand the importance of but a weld on its own seems a bit week.


If i want to have base mesh with different variants of attachments i think it is easier to swap such elements by modifier rather than go to edit mode, place the other element remove doubles and slap subd on top, can you imagine array modifier with no cap functionality?

(Lumpengnom) #96

Could you reword that. I don´t understand what you mean.


it is easier to work with meshes in scenarios wen you can use modifiers, to minimize necessity of going to edit mode. Nondestructive weld would be useful in case when you create one mesh for example human head with no ears, because you have collection of ears which you can attach to that head by modifier and cycle through one by one to find best fit, by using modifier you don’t have go to edit mode position and bridge every element

(obsurveyor) #98

Useful for cleaning up the extra polygon the Bevel modifier creates when beveling two edges to get a rounded end in non-destructive workflows. cgstrive has a blender build with a Weld modifier that works a treat, hoping I can find some time to port it to 2.8.

(staughost) #99

That would be absolutely delightful!

(staughost) #100

On the other hand interactive polygon rebuild based on edge selection from Boolean would also be very very useful. Although I am not sure would we have that kind of access to mesh data.

Basically what I am saying is perfect bevels between Booleaned objects (imagine 2 spheres not two boxes).

(Joel_nl) #101

Jacques did 23 commits a few days ago under the name “Nodes_Playground”

First commit:

I couldnt find any further information on it, but great to see something in the node department happening. :smiley:

(Sazerac) #102

Skimming the first few commits it looks like a prototype for modifier nodes. He’s added a new modifier with a basic node structure and llvm compiler step. Looks promising indeed.

(Jacques Lucke) #103