Everything related to texturing, need help badly!

Okay this whole uv mapping and stuff, I need help.
When I try to import an object into the Lithunwrap program it says that it contains no UV? What must I do so I can “unwrap the object” or whatever I must do?
After I’ve created the texture how do I Uvmap it onto an object?

If I’m not making anysense can someone please explain the whole process of UVing or direct me to something that will help? I’m desperate! :< [!] [!] [!] [!]
And of course I mean in Blender, that’s why I posted it here! :smiley:

Check out Greybeard’s video tutorial on UV mapping. Do a search for it on this forum.

first: lith unwrap is very old and its faulty i get this error too

second: split your blender screen into two and turn one into uv image editor then load your image into there. now go into face selct mode on you object (f) and press u and choose one of the options just expererment


Thanks guys. Any suggestions for a free
uvmapper program?

Blender and UVMapper (link in my sig).


Thanks. I remember using this program looong ago with anim8or but it froze my computer, then again my old computer was crap.

:x :x :x
Those UV Mapper tuts at the site are so hard for me to follow, they don’t help me much, does anyone know of anyother tuts?

Well? Anyone?


and Modron’s sig has links to two of his UVmapping threads.


Who is Modron? Can you post some links with posts by him?
Checked out your tutorial, I should refrase my question,

Does anyone have any tutorials for the program UVMapper?