Everything Toven.COM Banner Contest

Hay Blender Community, I just launched a new web site called everything toven.com.
With is a place for all the things creativity, politics, art, news, and electronics.

I’m looking for the Blender community to supply some art work for the top page banner on the site. The artwork should embody everything that ME (Toven) Loves… Which are:

  • Blender
  • 3D Animation
  • Film making
  • Politics
  • Electronics
  • Computer Programming
  • Photography
  • Current Events
  • NPR
  • StarTrek
  • StarTrek
  • StarTrek… :slight_smile: Can you take a hint?
  • Or anything else that is awesome in the world…

I’m looking for a new artist to do the banner every month.
The artist that that is chosen for this first month will receive:

  • His/Her artwork placed in the banner at the top of the site
  • A gift subscription to his or her favorite web site up to $25 value. (The site must support subscriptions by a third party, cash will not be given out)
  • A feature article on the site about the artist.
  • A featured link to the artists home page placed on the site.

Here are the rules:

  • Contest Entries must be in by the end of April 2012. Judging begins May 1st 2012 and ends the end of May 2012.
  • Images must be 998px by 230px
  • Judging will be done by me and the Blender Artists community
  • The image should depict the nature of the site.
  • The artist should sign there work to be considered.
  • The image should not have any text other than the artists signature.
  • The image should be a original work.

And while your there come check out my site!