everythings in the view is now a cut out line....

this just started to happen to day, not sure if i hit a hot key or what, but everything in the 3D view is a cut out line now, the grid, the basic box started mesh, the lights, everything…

sometimes it goes back to normal, but then if i rotate view it goes back to all cut out lines…

is this a video trouble or a setting…

Um, try hitting the Z key? There’s a wireframe only display plus the four or so filled ones, could that be it? Screenshot? :slight_smile:

the bones everything, are dotted lines


no one knows why this is doing this?

I’m experiencing exactly the same problem. I wasn’t sure whether this was a previously undiscovered display mode which I had accidentally selected, but in two years of using Blender every day, I’ve never encountered this before. Anyone else come across this? Perhaps it’s time to log a bug in the tracker. My setup :

Blender 245.15 svn
Ubuntu Feisty 32-bit
ATi Mobility Radeon 9700 / Driver Version 2.1.7412 (perhaps it’s a driver issue)


twistedanimator. What graphics card and driver version are you running?

This definitely appears to be a driver issue. I can reproduce the problem using older versions of Blender, so it’s got nothing to do with recent changes to the SVN version of Blender itself. I upgraded my ATi driver the other day to the latest one from the AMD site. I’m pretty sure that’s the cause of this.

lol, yap i just upgraded my video drivers from ati too, rad1550 xppro

well i went back to the older drivers right befor this one and it fix it for now…

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ve logged a bug report on the ATi driver bugzilla.

I have the same problem with my latest 8.3 ATI catalyst drivers. Whats the problem with ATI? I like ATI cards better than Nvidia but ATI doesn’t like Blender or something.

I sent them emails two years ago about open gl drivers and Blender and they just said it must be a faulty computer. I recently tried again and they just kept replying saying, its not
ATI drivers its a faulty computer?

I’m getting exactly the same problem, its really getting annoying now!!!

‘Faulty Computer’ my arse, its just ATI saying ‘we can’t be bothered to fix the problem with our drivers…’

Am going to try downgrading today and see if that helps, twistedanimator what version did you go to?

Has this problem been fixed in newer drivers?

Not that I know of.

I dont get ATI, its like they dont care if their drivers work right or not. I keep hearing stories all the damn time about driver problems that never get fixed.

That is one reason I chose to get a nvidia for my new computer. Haven’t had any problems with an ati card in another computer that I use pretty often, though.

Look at your face count at the top of the blender screen, when it goes beyond 2million, your UI will crap out - that has been my experience. The solution is to simplify your scene or as I have done before is create a new blender document and import my scene that is all messed up into the new blender document then save it immediately. This usually fixes it. I’m assuming that if the face count gets too high your blend file will be corrupt.

It’s not too many faces. I have 8 cores and a fireGL V7350. I can get dashed lines with… 204 verts and 190 faces. It’s not too annoying until I start moving characters and then I have to guess where to click so I can move a finger.

I can also slap in a Suzanne, subsurf lvl 3 and shift+d her a hundred times. It’ll be solid lines for a while… then dashes, evil evil dashes. Also, if I render and then close the render window it crashes on next render, even with the tiny renders. Anyone else have that problem?