Everything's Magenta

If anyone could help I would be eternally grateful. I haven’t opened blender in a few days, and upon going back to my work everything seemed to have turned magenta pink? I don’t understand how’s that happened, since I haven’t touched it. In Material preview mode it shows true colours, but in render preview mode it’s completely pink.
Thank you in advance for anyone who could help.

Hi there,
Pink always means a missing texture (or an intentionally pink one :grin:).
Now, since everything is pink around, it might be an HDRI missing?


Oh! I have no idea what are HDRIs :sweat_smile: I’m so sorry! I’m still really new in using blender :woozy_face: But thank you so much for replying! I did research it online to see what was probably happening, and some sources said that I might have a missing texture! I tried to locate it, and found it, but now I have no idea what to do with it :sweat_smile:
I somehow managed to fiddle around after your reply, and I somehow managed to return it to normal? Although this is such a good thing to keep an eye on! Thank you so much again AgentTuron!


When this happens there is an option in the file menu to find missing files “file-external data-find missing files”.

It will open the file browser. When you hit the “find missing files” button (bottom right of the widow) Blender will search for the missing files recursively starting from the location you are at in the file browser. If it finds them it will relink all of them to the file.

If you have no idea where they are you will have to navigate with the file browser to the hard disk (in Linux “/” windows “C”) and blender will search the whole system, this will take longer so if you know they should be in your user directory navigate to there or where ever they should be.

Blender should find them as long as you did not delete the files.


thank you so much DNorman! I will keep it this in mind :innocent: