Evga Contest

Is anyone here entering the on the tube contest for EVGA, I know i am, (that core i7 rig with 6 gigs ddr3 would add great to the my render farm),

I can share what I have so far. Some pics, and a test vid here on you tube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AQz_wbeF6c (watch in HD)

I think I have a good idea going, and found some voice talent, I just don’t want to bring it all out of the box, I want that computer!! :evilgrin:

Here are some pics.





looking good, I’m not participating(didn’t even know about it until now),
but all the best of luck to you in tho contest! :smiley:

there’s some bad retopo on the characters leg, it get folded in the front (knee). you could fix that with some edgeloops (alt+r) , one above and one under the curretn one you have.

then you can make the loops closer to eachothers on the backside of the chars knee, and further away in the front.

just a hint! looks good otherwise. really like the material, could you share a .blend file with just spheres with the material added? (looks like carpaint almost)

they are carpaint, I just recycled the materail from the tutorials for creating car paint through nodes, it looks even cooler cauz i added bloom FX to the spec. If your to lazy though, i can still throw the head only .blend