EVGA or MSI GeForce GTX 570 ???

Hi there,

I am somewhat new to graphic cards and spend some time online trying to compare different cards but honestly fail
to see a difference and to me it looks like that the EVGA and MSI GTX 570 are more or less the same. RAM Speed CUDA Cores etc.

However their price difference with over 100$ is significant. Does anybody have any suggestion?
Is one faster or slower, louder or uses more power?

I got a Mac Pro 2008 and want to put a card in there.

Thanks for any advice in advance.


I’ve always prefered the EVGA. I don’t think there is any real reason other than I’ve never had a problem with one. I had MSI cards in the past (lower end NVidias though) and they didn’t seem as stable.

EVGA is top of the class for performance, reliability, and customer service. Been using them for years without any problems. I’ve had failures from just about every other vendor.

So you recommend both EVGA because of build quality and customer service?
I just read online that some had terrible experience with MSI customer service.

ALso anybody using the superclocked or DoubleShot version?

The DS has two fans but oddly people complain about noise and heat production.

Anyidea if the superclocked will draw more power than the normal GTX 570.

On my side, I’ve never needed to call them. The only interaction I’ve ever had with them was getting a mail-in rebate and that was quick and painless. My 560 can be overclocked but I haven’t done it, so I can’t comment on the noise or power draw.

Oddly the 570 is hard to get. CDW has few and Amazon has some through a seller and others are discontinued.

Well I got the 570 HD so we will see how it will work. I am glad to see that OS X Mountain Lion now allows nearly all NVIDIA cards to run natively besides a missing boot screen.

boardpartnerns_used_and_trusted = {ASUS, MSI, ZOTAC};

for $boardpartner in $boardpartners_used_and_trusted
printf “%s is top of the class for performance, reliability, and customer service. Been using them for years without any problems.”, $boardpartner

I am currently choosing my cards either by cooling, which would be ASUS DirectCUII or MSI TwinFrozr.
Beyond that. Good capacitators. They are the main reason why any graphic card or mainboard fails, there’s a reason mostly japanese capacitators are used and mostly solid ones for mainboards.
If that’s not an issue I pick the cheapest manufacturer and get an aftermarket cooler.

Here the retailer is in duty for 6 months if the card fails, and none of my cards failed past the 6 month up until now.

And it really doesn’t matter anymore if chinese, taiwanese, russion or korean kids are exploited for your card… if that’s an issue you can’t buy any industrial appliance today. Sad but true.

always loving your humor with the german lack of political correctness

I’ve used MSI cards and motherboards without issue. I’ve also used EVGA cards and once had a fan go out way after the warranty period and they still took care of it. Awesome customer service from EVGA but I can’t comment on MSI as I’ve not had to contact them.

Political correctness? Nobody sane ain’t got no time for that! :slight_smile:
I think generally it’s the hypocritical skill to mask facts or the actual truth in order to prevent healthy confrontation.

Would be an interesting discussion if all people were more factual and straight forward.
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