Evil Beware

Out of the sandstorm came a stark warning to any evil that dare pass.


“Wear sunscreen,” said an ominous voice, “lest ye wanting cancerous moles on thine face, or worse beheaded!”


I like it, the sticks could use some roughing up… they look plasticky. The freshly dead look suits it well.

pretty creepy :o
getting little afraid

I agree about the sticks, especially the ends. They should look like they were sharpened by knife, not a pencil sharpener.

If their eyes were open, the effect would also be more dramatic.

Cool idea. :Z

I think the eyes are open, they look milky… Thats ok i think, but perhaps the contrast inside the eyes could be a bit better…

The idea is very cool, i like that the faces look different…

But i think that the yellow background is a bit too colorful :confused:

i could not make it better :slight_smile:

nice work. one thing that cought my eye though is that the horns on one of the heads in the background look pretty funny. Like dead flowers or something. And maybe bump on the horns?

solid concept, well done. but i think it could use a little more work in the composition ( i say this a lot ) to emphasize the intensity of the scene and reinforce the perspective. try moving the camera from eye level, and desaturating the colours. i like the bright daylight, it works very well with this scene. and maybe the heads could be a little less centered on the shafts? and i agree about the inverted pencils, they could look a little rougher. a little texture displacement perhaps?

good work.

jim ww


Very creepy.

Looks very nice.

U should make these sticks bloody at the ends cos they have pushed through a head

You pictures - good! My evil image too :stuck_out_tongue:


this is not the first time you hijacked someone elses thread with your images.

Just remove it and stop being f**king rude.


Is my survival horror game! No comments please :o :wink:

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Back on the original point of this thread…

Good image. There was a movie a couple years back about a group of people inhabiting Mars and mining there. Some sort of evil spirits took over them and they ended up doing something very similar to this.

The Movie: Ghosts of Mars
An example: Image

The movie really sucks, so I wouldn’t recommend anyone waste time or money on it… Unless you want to see Woodman’s possible inspiration.

Good work, Woodman.

beautiful… just beautiful… try some different camera locations, see what you get…

dead vampires?