evil blender from space

hi there

I’m working on my wc entry, but I just can’t seem to get that cartoonish, “Sagoesque” look out of yafray. Anyone got tutorials/tips?

what’s going in the blender is still to be decided, so suggestions on that are welcome too : ]



hehehe :stuck_out_tongue: … nice one dude … evil blender …
only ting … the teeth on d blender ( if dose r teeth :stuck_out_tongue: ) … cldnt make out at first dat dey wer … i acually took dem to be speculars … mebbe u cld mak dem stand out a bit more … and how abt the blender’s wire hanging loose from the back … u kno like the devil’s tail … wld give a nice touch … realll evillll :smiley:

cool! :smiley: liek it alot

I wasn’t aware Sago used Yafray.

:smiley: It looks Bloody Nice …

I wasn’t aware Sago used Yafray.

I think he means a semi dark(whats that called?), yet toony feel.

The first thing you need to make it sagoish is add the purple and orange gradient.