eViL BlEnder???!???

I am having a small issue where I run my script, it gives and error… but thats not the evil part, the evil part is it keeps replacing a certain line with:

bbb qqqqqqqqq bb qqqqqqqqqqqqq.blendOCK!

Anyone else run into this… its about the oddest thing ever…

can we see the script?



blend with script:

It happens @ line 407, plus it happens while I am editing the script as well.

You seem to be running a blank script (objectEdit) on every redraw of the scene. Apart form that I can’t see anything strange. I can’t recreate the error because I don’t have a full python installation on this computer.

Keith. 8)

You know I forgot all about that! It seems to have solved that and a few others, wonder why it would make a problem in the first place.