Evil Clown, finished

(scrappy) #1

I did as much as i could on it, but now its time to submit. so i had to stop. i would have liked to do alot more with it and i may continue with it even after the contest is finished… so here it is http://mysite.iptic.com/scrappy/WIP/clownlrg.jpg

(theeth) #2

scary! :o

his teeth are a little too white for an evil clown though.


(blengine) #3

thts really cool! the lighting thoough, its not very scary, its kinda bright and happy… how bout some dark orange lighting with lotsa contrast? =D
he looks really good, and i like the white teeth, no reason a clown shouldnt pracitce good hygene :wink:

(Gimble) #4

Very nice work - I like the look of the strait jacket and the clown. Reminds me of that clown in ‘It’.

(basse) #5

how did he do it? I mean, hands tied like that and all… how did he use the hammer?

p.s. great pic… a bit empty in the background, but still nice.


(malefico) #6

Nice job. I really like the clown face and expression, it’s very relaxing :o

Anyway, about the hammer and his hands tied, don’t you know about the power of our minds ? Maybe the clown is innocent ! :wink:


malefico (too bad I didn’t have time to post a scary pic :frowning: )

(slikdigit) #7

nice clown! one thing you could do is work on the arm in the foreground. since its so close up it could use more detail + posing.
maybe a good scene for DOF?

(scrappy) #8

i would have done some DOF on the arm and a little in the background but no post processing is alowed in the contest, i would have liked to make the background alot more detailed but i ran out of time.

(Friday13) #9

Wow, nice image.
Now you can go around saying “PH34R MY 3VIL CL0WN 0F…EVIL!!” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: