Evil Doll

Evil Doll
100% Blender + Gimp on Ubuntu OS


Very good ! Great idea.
I must be a victim of advertising: I immediately thought “Mastercard” when i saw the 2 buttons on the chest…:confused:

Great idea and execution. One of those ideas I wish I had thought of myself.
Are the evil eyes post-pro?

Fantastic work!

I saw this on Facebook, it’s great!
Can i ask, please, how long did you make it?

A very clever theme, and well done… the only thing missing is the evil voice saying … “MUAHHAHAHAAHH”

No need to : you do it very well :wink:

Thank you for your feedback. I worked on this about 3 afternoons, the majority of the time was spent on the texture. The bad eyes were added in post-production with Gimp. I’m glad you like the work :slight_smile: