Evo sim in Blender would that be possible ?

I was looking at two an evolution games Spore and http://revolutionarygamesstudio.com/releases/

Thinking of the 3D blenders 3D world, i wondered if something like that has ever been made in Blender.
Evolving creaturs carnivore / herbivores, these simulations where once verry popular.
I’m not into BGE, so i’m not sure if it would be possible.

It’s a game; it’s possible :wink:

Hm your project looks a bit like elite, i think the evo concept is not a small niche. Dough it depends on how nice it looks in the end. To give an idea for the apple watch the most popular paid download was a tamagotchi app, civilization was a big name once, several city building games have there been. perhaps a more modern example farmville (bud not a good example, thats more about selling virtual stuff on line, the evo concept is almost gone in it).

I remind a time, where people created eco sims it was not all 3d most often 2d areas filled with water/trees/grass sometimes a height map. and on it simple creates evolved. sometimes using genetic algorythms it was quite popular, more like hoby science. it took quite a while before the concept got into games like i just named.

A Tomagochi sort of game would be a viable Blender game project. To be honest, I never knew those outlived the little LCD games that were big in the late 90s…
I’ve seen people talk about making city-building games, but none actually attempt it.
But, there are a lot of projects listed in both the WIP and Finished Games forums. No doubt, there is probably something there that would be what you’re looking for. You just have to do some searching.

hmm i like the idea of an eco sim.
Think of trees that grow depending on area (rain ground type), and if tall enough grow seeds.
The seeds become tree again,… would BGE allow for such object that would spawn themselves as seeds and repeat the programing cycle ?.
I think code is linked objects then

  • later one could create animals who carry the seeds, or wind or so.

The thing such games dont depend all on user input, but much more on their own states.
But usually if turned into a game, then there is one tree/creature controlled by a gamer.

Ohyes i’ve seen those movies they are verry good, i once wrote him a letter he’s verry tallented in the area of math / coding / blender.