Evolution ....

Evolution of treee


        Image for the Evolution in 3D Contest .... [[link]](http://news.deviantart.com/article/34002/) 

Modeled using Blender3D and rendered using Blender internal renderer. Rendered by blenderartists user, Marslyr ( [link] ) All textures for trees from ivye tree generator.
Post in The Gimp

Hope you all love it …


also for the same contest entry … … Blender internal for a few second … post in the gimp

i Hope all your support … i worry that i will lost in this contest :frowning:

Hey sdil!

It looks Loads better after the post-pro

And it was My, Pleasure, to be able to help :wink:


thank again … Marslyr

the tree just looks like scaled duplicate apart from the bark(or whatever you call it)
Try having less branches and add more and more as you go.

i generate it one by one …

it doesn’t matter if you generate it one by one.
I’d just like to see a more bigger variation to the amount of leaves and branches…

Did you use gen3 for that? Looks like the style…