Evolution2 Productions

hi. i have a website and its been out for quite a while but im lacking several things:

  1. website hits
  2. active members
  3. active forum posters
    4)submissions to the animation portal, the art portal, the games section, tutorial section, download section, etc

could you guys just like, check the site out and please submit anything if you have any. and if you have any comments just reply to this post.

Nice design, did you do it yourself?

Oh, and, what exactly are you offering? (I’m too lazy to read for myself…)

yeah everything was made by me.

just read. :slight_smile:

this topic is dying. im reviving it.

funny how humans always say the obvious,
like: “ooh, its dark in here”
or: “look im wearing an orange shirt!”

please need help on this.

Or “please don’t use images in your sig.” :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, though. How about a quick blurb about the site. What’s it for? Who’s it for? What benefit does it give that we can’t get elsewhere?

Also, on the design side of things, why did you design the site for such a high resolution? That seems entirely unnecessary. It looks cool, but for my tastes, at least, it’s too big (the header image and the overall size). And before you make any “get a bigger monitor” comments, I’ll let you know that I have more than enough screen real estate, I just prefer to not have my browser windows at full screen (usually I lock them at 800px x 900px).


  1. im reviving this topic
  2. yeah after the christmas updates the resolution stuff should be improved A LOT.

you wanted a blurb?
Ok, my site is mainly for gamers, animators, programmers and digital artists. there is a gamers lounge where games are submitted, downloaded, commented reviewed and rated out of 10. there is also an animation portal and an artwork portal similar to the gamers lounge. there are resources such as scripts, actionscripts, webtemplates, sound, tutorials. there is also a programs portal. i also offer webspace, hosting, and email redirections. there is also a section to montitor my progress on my oncomming animation, The NGT.

Nice design, though a bit graphic intensive so make sure those graphics only have to be loaded once.

I saw a lot of “You need, you need, you need…” messages before actually seeing anything.
Call me lazy but then I usually press that little “X” button on the top right corner.

Your website is a bad, terrible knock off of Newgrounds.com

that was uncalled for…I can show you dozens of sites with designs very similar to that…it’s a very popular style by the looks of things.


‘Blurb’ belongs on the front page of the site…how else are you planning to communicate what the site is all about and what it’s purpose is? I went there 3 times before I read your explanation and figured out what the site is actually for.

The only reason I tried three times is because this topic keeps appearing at the top of the news and chat section. So Im pretty sure you are losing potential members because of this fact.

Also, a lot of links don’t work…a lot of the gallery images appear to be missing, as with the screenshots in the web template section.

Very nice design, tho :wink:

all the links work. if they dont they either:

  1. have not fully loaded
  2. the guys that submit the gallery images are too lazy to fully upload their images.

you know when people submit, then close their browser when the page hasn’t fully loaded.

anyway, if you look on the site there it something that says:
“New here? Click here now!”

unfortunately not many people are drawn towards that button, but when they are, it explains everything.

the button is top navigation right link.

got any suggestions on how to make this link more…noticable?