evolutive sculpting

Hi, i’m not sure if anyone have posted this work previously, it is from may 2015, is about the work of Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb https://www.facebook.com/deskriptiv
they have created a a soft for the microsoft surface pro it is called SYNTHSIMM, seems that is a evolution of a previous soft that were about grow structures like coral reefs, it was called QUADDEL.
It seems that the algorithm they have created works as a kind of evolutive brush for dinamic topology.the growing process is able to avoid obstacles, the direction of the growth can be directed, the structures can glue together.post here a very good video that shows the capabilityes of this aproach whith 15 variations of structure growings.



Impressive, really organic and artistic .

If anyone know more about the abailivility of SYNTHSIMM or QUADDEL, please post you information about the subject.

QUADDEL features video


They have another program, is called DOUBLE MESH

I guess that this would not be possible in blender.I am not sure though.