EWOCprojects presents DeathGuppie subdivision

Another requested one, a three-by-three subdivision scheme for adding local detail to meshes (sculpting…)

Do note operating on lots of faces can be sloooow.

Downloada at EWOCprojects.

Problems with website: do this.

current version: 0.3.3


Woo this is going to be awesome once the bugs are sorted out, I have not had much time to play with blender.

Bug 1 it seems to want to round the cube, I think it should retain the volume. If you do want to it do that maybe a tickbox to smooth or not. also on second subdivide of cube the middles begin to do something funky, like create an inset square.

Bug 2 create a plane, subdivide normally, then run DG and get this error, then plane disapears.

bug 3 not so much a big as a feature request lol.

when it has subdivided it seems to select the innder faces but all the faces created. perhaps a tick box to select as it does not or select all newly created faces incase somebody wants to rn the script again on those faces, it could end up being a lot of selecting.

OK Ive been going at it:

  • smoothing can now be turned on/off: do note smoothing results arent perfect
    the problem with the cube “insetting” was due to wrongly pointed normals - fixed.

  • the error in 2 is fixed - works fine with boundary faces now

  • for those who want to run division again on everything and not only inner (standard behaviour for deathguppie) theres now a tickbox for this

You rock, I will continue to test this and the others thanks for your time.
I will insert this image for those who may not have seen what it does from the other thread.

normals were still bad

due to an oversight, smoothing was bad - now much smoother

new version on the website

Video added to project page.

Re-opened at OP’s request

version 0.3.0

Code cleanup.

This is great tool to have circle (12,36,108 vertices)inside one quad face, but still that “select inner only” doesnt work.
Blender r60143.

The only thing “Select inner only” does is change the way faces are selected after the DG operation. You set it BEFORE doing the subdivision. Look close after operation, the border of the subdivided geometry is not selected, this way you can repeat the subdivision on the “inner” faces.

Thanks, now I get it. Yeah, I have to set Vertex select mode and after that face mode, it works.

  1. Before Deathgubbie.
  2. After Deathgubbie, still in face mode
  3. Set first vertex mode and after that face mode, all correct


version 0.3.1

New version removes need for this workaround.

Thats true, but now I need to remove doubles :slight_smile:
Some of vertices are not merged. I have grabbed that vertex to right.


version 0.3.2

Ha, annoying side-effect… New version fixes!

Yep, it fixes that place… how about near center.


version 0.3.3

Pffff, found a trick that does the trick!

Can you update this for 2.8…:innocent:

Update your addons pack and sel it on blendermarket or Gumroad I paid for it so you can keep updating it.

Lol 7 years later
He does seem active though, 2 days ago

It’s been noted, but because of lotsa ongoing work on the almost-first-stable version of my open-source video-mixer program, work on Blender addons will have to be postponed…