EWOCvj2 open source video mixer - now also for Linux

Hello everyone,

Those who like to use their Blender animations for live video work are in for a treat! Over the course of the past year I’ve been creating a new application for doing VJ (video jockey) sets. Its free, open source, quite modern and quite powerful. I’ve launched it on the Internet cause its useable enough now to attract a test crowd that can help the project with bug reports, feature requests and general discussion. Do get the word around, cause as it seems its difficult to get noticed in the beginning. I would very much :hugs: like to get this project off the ground and any comment is useful. The program is in-development (call it alpha, call it beta) and I’m releasing new versions every few days. So if only a few of you would enjoy thorough testing of this app, that would be incredible! Its YOU who will shape the future of this project and no-one else! Also on the lookout for interested devs. Windows and Linux both 64bit.

More info here: EWOCvj2
Docs (not entirely recent): PDF


The file online at the time of writing of the first post was faulty in that text rendering didn’t work. New version online. What a way to kick this project off… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hello all. I just created the #ewocvj2 channel on FreeNode for those who want to chat about the program. I’ll try to be there as often as possible!

News! The program now runs on Linux! You have to compile it from source though…
Get to GitHub!

Sounds interesting !
are there any youtube videos showing how the software is working ?
I haven’t the faith yet to try to compile it on linux.
I’m interested in some editor that could take some shots ( like an animated short done in blender) and apply color correction / finishing touch on it. With the ability to export it in a lossless format, or lower quality for reviewing.

I understand that you’re doing a VJ application, but it’s about applying realtime effect on some videos, so maybe there are some possibilities here…

Cheers !

I’ll be making a “Getting Started” tutorial video one of these days, but there is nothing yet… I’ll notify here when it comes along. There is a (not totally up to date) documentation pdf in the docs directory though or get it here.
As far as color correction tools go, its got brightness/contrast/saturation/hue/colorize effects, but nothing yet for RGB control. Would be very easy to add though, if people would like to have them. Were you thinking of anything specific? At the moment output can be recorded to a Motion JPEG format (not lossless but high quality) but adding extra formats (I was thinking GPU-decompressed .hap for VJ use… the program already heavily invests in this format) on top of that would be easy also. Which ones would you desire?
This kind of “realtime video finishing” is indeed a use for VJ apps as it allows mouse and MIDI realtime control over parameters.