ex-nihilo head

I finished this last night. I did not want to spend the time doing the hair since the model was originally only going to be a test of sculpt-mode.

Now I can move on to something else.

I hope you like it.

Sincerely, xn


Blender can acheive the same quality stuff as those other “un-free” programs

Perfect. Great job on your self portrait. A little too specular I think, but that is minor.

I will take a look at your belnd file too, as I need to get some nice eye shader settings and your look great.


[PS - The blend file in his link is almost 40 MB. Just a note/warning to you 56k’ers out there]

Absolutely excellent work! This piece of art belongs to the gallery imho.

sorry BgDM, but I did not include the image maps with the file. I can get those to you if you want.

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Thanks very much for donating this file. :slight_smile:

But why the heck is it ~39 meg ? :eek: :eek: :eek:

Even a “bloated” bmp or tga raw file rendered at 1024x1024 is only ~3meg

Beggars can’t be choosers :slight_smile: I’m not really complaining … just curious. This will be the biggest .blend file I’ve ever seen !


for sculpt mode to work you need a great deal of polygons. The mesh is extremely dense. That is why the file is so big.

sincerely, xn

Ok, thanks for the explanation, actually I thought this was the same head as your http://exnihilo01.ezhoster.com/art/ex-nihilo.Head2.blend file, but I see now they are different, and the “mega sculpt one” is probably (?) not well suited to animation / rigging … though I might give it a try anyway.


Very impressive work. The scuplt tool is great fun. Big thumbs up.

awomse work.

can’t wait too see more from you

Great job and thanks for the Blend donation (insert joke about not losing your head here)

Curious about the apparent particles (without trying to d/l that monster file yet) - there seems to be particle hair for the beard area, but in the render, the head looks like it has, well, spiky slashes coming out of it. What’s that about?

@mstram: I haven’t messed with the blend scupt version too much, but I heard that you should be able to rig/animate on a low res. version and then switch to a high res. for rendering and everything will be fine.

@ex-nihilo: I think this is one of the best Blender portraits I’ve ever seen! Very inspiring work. Now I want to play around with the sculpt build some more. :slight_smile:

Well the (very) good news is that thanks to the high quality hosting service you’re using, that was one of if not the fastest downloads ever … just over 2hrs on my 56k line ! … I actually seemed to get 56k for once :smiley:

thx again


buhu!!! it is sooo nice it makes me cry in tears of joy for someone to create something that tralistic

great work ! ex-nihilo
clean modelling and texturing, you should try some sss in there

this is a beauty 4*

Nice … post on CGTalk.

:eek:This is serious front page work,if we had one on the forum.:eek:
Thanks for sharing the blend.

Awesome! Truly great stuff there and I really can’t wait for Bishop’s sculpt mode to be integrated in the next blender version (if it’s finished)!

Woah, dude. You cut no corners making this one.

For those who want to look closer, take a look at the forehead wrinkles. He could have made them in a texture layer, and made it part of the normal map. He chose, instead, to model it, as well, I see, as the two little bumps on the back of his head.

And doing it in sculpt mode, too! that thing is almost impossible to manage, and you got this out of it!

GReat shading on the UV Map as well. Did you take photos of your face? tha’s what I do usually with the shading. You can’t beat the original colors if you’re makin a portrait of someone!

Amazing work, ex. Mad props.