(stukkm) #1

does anybody know or remember the url for ex-nihilo (that’s how it was spelled, right?) website? i tried to search the forum to see what happened and found out that he left blender for lightwave or something but heard nothing about his site. is it still up? if not, does anybody have copies of his x-wing and millenium falcon pictures? i wanna show somebody how good blender is. oh, and if you have a better picture you’d recommend i show, i’d like to see that as well. thanks in advance (hey, i’ll thank ya later too! :wink: )

(mrmunkily) #2

Scott Wilkinson’s his name. he frequents the lw3d boards now, i think

(Jamesk) #3

I don’t remember the url, but on a side note: you’d really be showing your friend how good ex-nihilo is, not blender.

([email protected]) #4

Hi Mazer,

heres the only url i have to scotts site:



(stukkm) #5

thanks [email protected]!

JamesK, maybe i phrased my question badly. what i meant was to show how powerful blender was. like, what can be done with blender

(blackphoto) #6

Wow! That is ammazing! I don’t see why anyone would move to lightwave when you can do that ship in blender!
Did I miss something here?

(Jamesk) #7

Didn’t want to give you a hard time, really. Sorry. But I think it’s important to keep a clear distinction between the tool and the artist. There are lots of ppl doing stuff that really sucks in Maya for instance, but that doesn’t say anything about the app, and vice versa… ex-nihilo is an excellent 3D-artist, and switching to LW wont change that. Sticking with Blender wouldn’t have either, but his future potential may have been crippled. And that’s the only real problem I see with Blender today. If you’re looking to find a job in the industry, you will have a hard time if you don’t have any experience with at least one of ‘the great five’ 3D apps. I have yet to see a real-world commersial studio looking for ‘experienced Blender artists’…

But this is way off your topic :smiley:

(blackphoto) #8

That sucks, just when I was getting to like blender.
I will try to learn LW too then and see how it goes.

(valarking) #9

look at some of blengine’s work. he’s the top guy right now.

(Idgas) #10

Yea he is really good. I think his work is the best here by far. His artistic ability is awsome and so is his eye for detail. I HATE IT!!! But really he is good.