Exact Edit: set exact distances or angle measures between objects

Ah, I forgot about the new units feature that was added in 2.8.

Not sure what would cause the bug you describe offhand. The version of Exact Edit I released back in May used Blender’s built in “FloatProperty” for input. So, unless there were some changes there I’m not aware of, I suspect this may be more a Blender bug than one with Exact Edit.

@nBurn thank you very much for this! I’m loving the addon I think it fills in a great niche for precision modeling.
My only gripe and it’s probably quite simple to fix is that on a 4k screen the text in SUPER tiny… Plus took a little while to understand (Mainly cus I did not see the text)
My plan is to play around with it and them perhaps make a small video showcasing how to use it along with a few other useful precision blenders addons.
I’m currently working with PDT to make it a few videos too so if you would like to help me showcase your addon in the best way just drop me a bell Look up Maker Tales on youtube and in my about is my email.

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Hi, I just wanna ask. do you stop updating this plugin, if no? are you gonna update this plugin? when? if yes, may I ask if by any chance, I would like to learn your code, so that I can edit it for fixing just the bugs and adding some features like making it possible to input a very exact number with defined measurement units (mm, inches, cm, etc etc). Thank you in advance.

I do not have any firm plans for this add-on. I was mostly working on it in my free time, but had some stuff come up.

I do not mind if anyone fixes bugs or adds features, but the code is not so nice to work with. It is still very much a “proof of concept” design.

I think Blender already has the ability to do measurement unit conversions, but I don’t know if the Blender developers made that feature available to add-ons.

okay, I understand, but atleast can you teach me what line did you put the float where you can enter any float number to specify what measurement you want to put or store? Thank you.

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Measurement inputs are taken care of in the pop up dialogue class in xedit_set_meas.py:

class XEDIT_OT_meas_inp_dlg(bpy.types.Operator):

They are read with the float_new_meas FloatProperty of this class. I think if a value is successfully entered it is stored in the global variable new_meas_stor.

The last time I worked on this addon the only viable way to do measurement units was using strings. Strings would have required a lot of extra code (input validation, tokenization, unit conversions, etc) that I didn’t want to get into at that time, so decided to keep things simple and stuck with floats.