Exact modelling with blueprints - align to which part of drawn lines?


I got myself some technical blueprints of objects I’m trying to reproduce as accurate as possible. My blueprints have all the edge lengths given, but since Blender is not AutoCAD it would be more comfortable to just “trace” the reference lines. Now I just wondered which part of the lines thickness I would trace. The middle of every line or the outer edge?

I know I’m being pedantic here, but since I’m a student and have lots of time I really want to tackle perfection. So it’s more about the fun.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re just tracing, always use the center. You will not run into conflicting intersections that way (some inside lines may curve and meet the outside of other lines). Think of it like a weighted stroke. Also, this addon may be of value to you in the tracing stages.

Thanks, that sounds reasonable. And awesome script, helps a lot!