exact modelling


i want to use blender to model my house to plan things n so on.
therefor i must model exact, which means that proportions should fit.
i have not discovered any rulers yet (are there any?)
i can use the grid for that, but i experience some problems.
i use the snap function to be very exact but if i create a new object i have to set that cross, but i cant set it exactly so the new object is a little “out of snap” (i hope you know what i mean).
is there some way to get around this?
like to snap the cross to a gridpoint.

and sorry for the bad english


Some things that may be of some help:

  1. Ruler, no, not really, but in F9 “Mesh Tools 1” panel, you can turn on “Edge Length”

  2. At the bottom left of the view port, click on View…View Properties. The View Properties panel will allow you to set grid spacing, and position the cursor exactly where you want. New objects are created at the position of the cursor.

  3. Also, after you place your cursor where you want, you can place a vertex in the same position. When in edit mode, select a vertex, then shift-s…selection to cursor. Also note that when using shift-s, you have other options for placement including cursor to selection.

I hope this helps. Best of Luck!!


i dont find point 1 you mention, but other two points help a lot anyway!
this is my first time in blender…i think i can use any luck i get :wink:


For the edge length, you must be in edit mode. Select an object, then press Tab key to go into edit mode. In edit mode, F9 shows 2 additional panels. “Mesh Tools” and “Mesh Tools 1”. In “Mesh Tools 1” panel, there is a button on the right side called “Edge Length”. See attached Pic. When it is on, it will draw the edge length for any and all edges that are selected.

Best of Luck!!


Also the “n” key panel in edit mode. When set to global you can set the precise location of any vertex.