Exact scaling in Blender (I'm moving from SketchUp / FredoScale)

I’m moving over from SketchUp to using Blender as my main tool for spatial design. I’ve been using SketchUp for a few years and love the accuracy or measurements and want to bring this workflow through into Blender.

Are there any plugins or workflows that allow for exact scaling after an initial primitive has been added? I’m yet to find one that replicates anything close the amazing FredoScale. FredoScale allows me to select entire models, faces, verticiles and then choose an 1,2 or 3 axis to scale on. And then you can set an exact measurement for each axis.

I’ve you can switch on Edge Length, etc in the Viewport Overlays within Blender. However this doesn’t allow me to directly type in a specific measurment.

Scaling in Blender is relative (you scale by, not to). I’m not aware of any add-ons that add the functionality you describe (doesn’t mean there aren’t any, of course). You can sort of emulate this behavior using numeric input, thought it is a bit cumbersome: knowing length you want to scale from and length you want to scale to, you can input the expression. For example, if I want to scale the default cube, which has all dimensions of 2, to be 3.2 on X axis, I can type this:

s x = 3.2/2

and press Enter. That’s assuming default keymap, or any other keymap that still has ‘s’ bound to Transform (Scale) operator. If you use the scale gizmo, or the (new in 2.8x) scale cage (which looks similar to the tool you’re showing) you can type the expression in the properties in the Adjust Last Operation panel (F9) after scaling, e.g. click on the ‘Scale X’ field and type 3.2/2.

Also, in object mode, you can set overall dimensions of the object in the side panel (and afterwards apply scale).

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Thank you. That’s help and I wasn’t aware of the expression inputs where possible in Blender. It’s not as intuitive but a good workaround.

You might want to try the included in Blender --Cad Snap Utilities…I just tried it and combined with expression inputs such as X 2,5 will mark a point 2.5 Units on X and you click and have a line…


There is a ‘Mesh Tools’ extension which allows you (in edit mode) to resize object to exact dimensions:


Looks like this will do the job exactly. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to get the addon working with 2.81.

CAD Snap Utils look great as well. Thanks.

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